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What’s the Point in That Then?

posted 25 Nov 2011, 06:57 by Michael Goldthorpe   [ updated 25 Nov 2011, 07:05 ]

Many years ago the offence of “Dumb Insolence” was removed from the Naval Discipline Act.   Prior to this it was not necessary to question a decision to invoke a charge but merely to raise an eyebrow or express a quizzical look.  Following the removal of the offence many young sailor began to question the reason why things were done in certain ways – which reminds me of a young Cornish sailor whose response to almost everything was “What’s the Point in that then?”  

For many years members of Fortitude Lodge have dug deep and generously supported a number of local and national charities.   A few years ago Multiple Sclerosis Trust was the chosen charity of the then Master of Fortitude. 

“Multiple sclerosis is one of the most common neurological conditions among young adults, affecting around 100,000 people in the UK.   It is an autoimmune disease, in which the body’s immune system mistakes friend as foe.   Immune cells mistakenly attack nerve fibres and their protective insulation, the myelin sheath, in the central nervous system. The resulting damage prevents the nerves from ‘firing’ properly and ultimately leads to their destruction, resulting in physical and intellectual disabilities.”

There are many charities which work tirelessly, through research, towards cures for MS and other life threatening diseases and almost all rely on donations and support from individuals and organisations like ours.  The Freemasons’ Grand Charity gave £100,000 towards MS research in 2010. The grant specifically helped fund research into the side effects of a drug called “alemtuzumab”, for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.


On 14 November 2011, it was announced that trials into alemtuzumab have been successful - a significant development for those suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).  Read the full report at 


In the words of the famous Joseph & his Amazing Technical Colour Dream Coat song – “May I return to the beginning” - The brethren of Fortitude Lodge have long demonstrated their willingness to support a whole range of charities without question.  If in the future you have any doubt as to the worth of you support I hope you will remember this success story.